Civil Works Area

Civil Works

The Department of Civil Works of CAD & BIM SERVICES, focuses its efforts on all Projects related to Bridges, Underground works, Hydraulic and Water Works, etc.

Within these, we put into practice all our potential related to modeling and structural design, facilities, networks, earthworks, architecture, etc.

We have been working since 2006 using specific tools for this type of Projects, helping engineers, builders, owners and manufacturers to make their work easier.

Currently we are more than 60 people on staff, consisting of engineers ,technicians,
draftmen, architects, surveyors, etc., dedicated to solving their needs at all times.

Companies such as OHL Industrial, FERROVIAL, AECOM, IDOM, SENER, TYPSA, LKS, ARUP, INECO, INTECSA-INARSA, PROINTEC, EPTISA, LAP (Germany), LEONHARDT and PARTNERS , FCC, and others, can guarantee our solvency and professionalism.

Our wide experience in more than 500 projects distributed in more than 35 countries, collaborating with the most important constructors and engineers, helps us to choose the resources for each project in the most efficient way.

We are also experts in BIM methodology applied to the Civil works sector and we can advise you to integrate your workflow in this environment for any requirement you may need.

We are sure that we can help you.

You can see here some of our Civil Works projects