BIM Services

CBS BIM LogoMany other says, but we have been workinkg in real projects with BIM software for many years, helping Engineers, Architects, Constructors and Manufacturers to do the things better.

We are able to reach detail levels that many other couldn´t. With our +500 projects expertise we choose the better software combination in every project to generate the biggest amount of information in the more efficient way.

From structural to architectural modelling, with any BIM software and any kind of project: we could help you:


– Architectural and Structural Modelling (Civil, Industrial & Building projects) –

– Drawings and reports –

– Bill of quantities –

– Multidisciplinary coordination –

– 3D infographics and animations –

– 3D Virtual Reality –

– 4D/5D planning and simulations –

– Consulting & deployment services –

– Tendering assistance –

– Custom training courses –