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We keep growing


We keep growing… CBS continues its process of growth and sector expansion incorporating a Responsible for the new Industrial Area of the Company, Carlos Serrano His experience of more than 10 years in previous companies such as OHL Industrial, Técnicas Reunidas and INECO complement the rest of  CBS Departments, enabling access to new sectors and […]

We grow and adapt our workforce


We grow and adapt our workforce Due to the strong growth we have been experiencing, we have decided to adapt our staff to the needs demanded by the market. In CAD & BIM SERVICES we have included the position of “Controller”, which covers responsibilities that were formerly shared between the former economic and financial departments […]

Investing in our Future: remote solutions


Investing in our Future: remote solutions For quite some time now, we have been observing the need to be able to provide both our employees and our customers with a remote solution that allows us to maintain fluid communication at all times. With the outbreak of the pandemic, this need has become even more pronounced, […]

Building Information Modeling Market Statistics: 2027


Building Information Modeling Market Statistics: 2027 Source: The global building information modeling market size was valued at $5,205 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $15,892 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 15.2% from 2020 to 2027. Building information modeling (BIM) is a type of software used by real estate companies; construction […]

How will BIM evolve in 2021?


How will BIM evolve in 2021? Source: Building information modelling (BIM) is one area where 2020 promised a lot that didn’t materialise as expected, Frank Weiss, senior director of new products at Oracle Construction and Engineering explores how BIM will shift in 2021 The disruption experienced last year by many industries has been unprecedented. […]

Navisworks and BIM 360 Integration for Enhanced Coordination Workflows


Navisworks and BIM 360 Integration for Enhanced Coordination Workflows Source: Navisworks is one of the flagship BIM solutions offered in the AEC Collection that serves design and construction users globally with the ability to holistically review integrated models and data for better control over project planning and outcomes. The software’s powerful coordination and clash […]

BIM en la Ingeniería de Puentes


BIM in Bridge Engineering Last October, César García Reillo as Founding Partner of CAD & BIM SERVICES, gave an online session on “BIM in bridge engineering” as part of the sessions held by TECNIBERIA. Bridge design is a unique discipline that undoubtedly deserves special mention and attention. This online session covered, among other topics, the […]

4 consejos para crear un pequeño pero poderoso equipo de expertos en BIM


4 Tips for Building a Small-but-Mighty Team of BIM Experts Source: The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is the perfect embodiment of what it means to be big: towering skyscrapers, massive bridges, expansive tunnels, and innovative and inventive designs. Yet small can also be powerful, especially when it’s rooted in passion and purpose. […]

Colaborar en RV y RA con complementos de Revit


Collaborate in VR and AR with Revit add-ons Source: Information is the foundation of knowledge, communication, and simulation on the internet. BIM has leveraged this capability to revolutionize the way we move from idea to construction, and Revit has led the way as the software of choice for the visualization and analysis of building information. […]

Tendencias de Mercado en Proyectos BIM


Market Trends in BIM Projects At CBS we have recently detected that the demand for BIM in projects is changing The BIM market is changing… What before were mainly requests for modeling of building projects (houses, offices, shopping centers, etc.) based on CAD plans are giving way to other types of projects. Right now, BIM requirements are increasingly common in Public Tender Documents that value, for […]

Lanzamiento de nuestra INTRANET


Launch of our INTRANET In DELINEACION DE ESTRUCTURAS – CAD & BIM SERVICES Group we have made the launch of our INTRANET for all our staff After a development made during last months, and the contribution of our team with ideas, suggestions, functionalities, processes, etc., we already have our platform ready. The objective of this space is […]

El software BIM está sufriendo un cambio revolucionario


BIM software will undergo revolutionary change Building information modelling is the turning point on the route of digitizing the construction industry Source: It’s one of the most promising advancements in the AE&C (architecture, construction and engineering industry). It’s a tool to create more transparency and benchmarking in the sector. According to BIM national report 2019, 69% […]

CBS potencia y desarrolla su actividad con su Área Industrial


CBS promotes and develops its activity with its Industrial Area The Industrial Area of CAD & BIM SERVICES, specializing in Energy and Industrial Plants, focuses its efforts on all Industrial Projects in the Energy sector Such as Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Mining, as well as Water Treatment Plants, Desalination Plants and of course in the innovative sector of […]

CBS asiste a las jornadas “Diseño de puentes: 2020”


CBS attends “Designing Bridges: 2020” conferences Last January, CAD & BIM SERVICES attended the conference on “The Design of Bridges 2020” organized by the Association of Civil Engineers. In the first session of the new cycle ‘The design in bridges: 2020’, promoted by the Technical Committee of Cities, Territory and Culture of the College of Civil […]

Tamaño del Mercado BIM 2020: beneficios, próximos desarrollos, oportunidades de negocio e Inversion


BIM 2020 Market Size: Benefits, Upcoming Developments, Business Opportunities and Investments The global “Building Information Modelling (BIM) Market Report” provides a clear understanding of the current market situation, including the size of the old market and the projected future market, based on technology growth, value and volume, projecting the profitable and leading market fundamentals of […]

CBS incorpora a su nueva Responsable de Personal


CBS incorporates its new Personnel Manager As a part of our continuous improvement process, the company has opted for professional profiles that Will be adding value, in the search of professional excellence for customers, processes and the business lines. Mariam Solano joins the house as head of the Human Resources Department for further work on the professionalization of  the […]

Jornada en Tecniberia: desafíos de talento en los sectores de infraestructuras, civil, industrial y


Tecniberia conference: talent challenges in the infrastructure, civil, industrial and energy sectors CBS attended this day, where it became clear that the activity of hiring “super specialists” – senior engineers and managers with great specialization – by engineering consultants has increased in recent years. This positive trend has created a new challenge for organizations: Where […]

Integración GIS BIM


GIS BIM integration: the future, a challenge and many opportunities Can you define in a few words the GIS and the BIM? To put it briefly, a GIS (English acronym for Geographical Information System), integrates software tools and large amounts of complex data referring to realities that can have spatial referencing, mostly territorial in nature, providing […]

CBS asiste a la jornada organizada por INDRA-MINSAIT e IBM Francia relativa a BIM y Blockchain


CBS attends the conference organized by INDRA-MINSAIT and IBM France regarding BIM and Blockchain CBS attends the conference organized by INDRA-MINSAIT and IBM France related to BIM and Blockchain, along with other professionals from the industrial AECO (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) of important Spanish companies. The Workshop lasted all day and there were opportunities to […]

Novedades de Revit 2020


What’s new in Revit 2020 The new and improved features of the Revit® building design software allow for consistent, coordinated and complete modeling for multidisciplinary design that extends to the detailed and construction phases.   Compatibility with underlying traces in PDF Insert a PDF file into Revit from any source and adjust to that PDF […]

Asistimos al Workshop de presentación de la Guía BIM para Promotores y Gestores de Activos


We attended the Presentation Workshop of the BIM Guide for Promoters and Asset Managers Organized by BUILDING SMART at the Association of Surveyors and Technical Architects of Madrid During the day, the benefits of the BIM in the Operation and Maintenance phase were analyzed and the Guide published by Building Smart in this regard was presented with the testimonies […]

CBS en la Feria de Empleo en Nuevas Tecnologías 2019


CBS at the Employment Fair in New Technologies 2019 Our company attends the Employment Fair in New Technologies 2019 held in Madrid last March, and intervened as a speaker in the “professional talks” and as a professional recruiter. In the area of “Professional Lectures”, our director, Carlos Arce, focused on the activity of CBS, its clients, the type of […]

Somos especialistas en soluciones BIM


Specialists in BIM solutions If we combine our extensive experience in this area with technicians accustomed to BIM Management processes and experts in the use of tools, the result is BIM2. Specialists in BIM solutions. By making the best combination of software available to each project, we were able to greatly improve workflows and optimize the […]

CBS invierte en su nuevo CRM


CBS invests in its new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) One of our business objectives is to take care of our customers From CAD & BIM SERVICES we have been focusing on dealing with our customers as a priority in our business strategy, that’s why we launch new CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This management solution is aimed at […]

Navisworks, 20 años facilitándonos la vida


Navisworks, 20 years facilitating our lives It seems that 2017 is a great year for anniversaries at Autodesk. It seems like 2017 is a huge year for birthdays at Autodesk, earlier this year Autodesk celebrated its 35th birthday, Revit celebrated its 15 years’ anniversary since acquisition, and now Navisworks is celebrating a double header! 20 years […]

New International Airport for Mexico City – BIM Project

New International Airport for Mexico City – BIM Project

New International Airport for Mexico City – BIM Project Information obtained from the web Company: Foster+Partners/FR-EE Project Date: To be delivered in 2016. Currently in progress.  Project summary: Planned area: 555,000 m2 for the passenger terminal. Building 1.5 km long. Additionally, the Control Tower, Ground Transportation Centre and auxiliary buildings. BIM level of development: […]

CAD & BIM SERVICES renews its computer inventory

CAD & BIM SERVICES renews its computer inventory

CAD & BIM SERVICES renews its computer inventory Investing in technology means investing in the future CBS in its constant commitment to new technologies has renewed its computer inventory to undertake its projects in a more efficient way. The improvement has been done with the acquisition of 25 next-generation laptops (Intel 7th Generation Processor, 16 […]

New Revit 2018.2 update

New Revit 2018.2 update

New Revit 2018.2 update We often hear that it’s the small enhancements that are most valuable.  After a year and a half of  running Revit Ideas, we have received a lot of ideas to act on (lots and lots of ideas).  So in honor of that with the Revit 2018.2 update we have tackled a number of […]

Transportation and BIM infrastructures

Transportation and BIM infrastructures

Innovation Plan for transport and BIM infrastructures De la Serna announces an Innovation Plan for transport and infrastructures It is expected to be completed before the end of the year Fomento has created a Directorate General of Transformation and Innovation for this The Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna, announced today that his department […]

Middle East Airport ARC + STR Project

Middle East Airport ARC + STR Project

Middle East Airport ARC + STR Project Recently CBS has participated with an important Spanish engineering company in the Expansion Project of an Airport in the Middle East. The collaboration consisted in the developing, in a record time, of the BIM model of the airport starting from existing planes to reflect the current state. After, […]

Revit 2018.1 News

Revit 2018.1 News

What’s New Revit 2018.1: Browser Organization for Schedules Revit 2018.1 is both a new features and service pack update. Today, we will run through the ability to organize schedules in the Project Browser. We have been involved in some Revit project, specifically MEP models, with hundreds of schedules. Until now, they were all just listed alphanumerically. We have resorted to […]

ACHE Fair 2017

ACHE Fair 2017

CBS attended as an exhibitor to the ACHE Fair 2017 CBS attended as an exhibitor to the VII International Congress of Structures in A Coruña, with the aim of publicizing the most important projects in which our company has participated and the latest technologies applied in each of them. Last June the 7th Triennial Congress […]

New ISO Certifications implementation

New ISO Certifications implementation

New ISO Certifications Implementation Following our objective to offer services that comply with both the internal Quality requirements and the Standars of our customers, CBS has recently obtained the ISO certifications of Quality and Environmental Management requirements to be able to maintain technical excellence in our projects. The International Organization for Standardization initiated the review […]

CBS participates in the BIM Tecniberia Committee

CBS participates in the BIM Tecniberia Committee

CBS participates in the BIM Tecniberia Committee CAD & BIM SERVICES has been collaborating since September of last year in the BIM Committee of Tecniberia. The objective is to write an internal document that includes the implications that this new methodology will sue the companies. CBS actively participates in the groups PREVIOUS STUDIES (Normative, Standards, […]

Writing Guide BIM STR for ACHE

Writing Guide BIM STR for ACHE

Writing Guide BIM STR for ACHE CAD & BIM SERVICES is collaborating with other professionals in the elaboration of a Guide on Structural BIM in Project Phase for ACHE (Scientific-Technical Association of Structural Concrete). The objective is to write a simple document that can be used as a basis for other companies and professionals when […]

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Although both have application in the methodology BIM, virtual reality and augmented reality are two very different things, although they are related. The RAE defines virtual reality as the ‘representation of scenes or images of objects produced by a computer system, which gives the impression of their real existence’. It is based on […]

News Revit 2016

News Revit 2016

 News Revit 2016 As was the case in version 2015, Autodesk this year brings a new version-revision. Do not confuse with the service packs, the R2 versions are versions “Review” unlike incorporating new service packs that usually only brings bug fixes … This new version brings interesting news: Global parameters, for those who like parametric […]

What is the Best Program BIM ?

What is the Best Program BIM ?

What is the Best Program BIM? BIM seems that he finally is winning the battle to CAD. We saw this in our post BIM vs CAD we published a few days ago. And after all wars always happens, the losers have to surrender to the victors or resign themselves to die. In this case the […]

What is BIM?

What is BIM?

What is BIM? BIM stands for Building Information Modeling (Modeling with Information for Construction). The BIM marks a new era for professionals in Architecture, Engineering and Construction – AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), which not only save time when creating and modifying their projects but also facilitate interaction at the highest level with partners , […]

Payback in BIM (ROI)

Payback in BIM (ROI)

Payback in BIM (ROI) Several studies to analyze the return on investment in projects that used methodologies BIM work, but we are all aware of how impossible it be to get an accurate rate of return and even less to quantify the exact term return on investment. Stanford University Integrated Engineering Facility published a report […]



CAD & BIM SERVICES Blog In this blog we will tell you all the news within the BIM world. This methodology of information modeling facilitates the creation and modification of collaborative projects, which ensures the quality of our work in the various stages of a building. In the following article we explain the building information […]


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