Investing in our Future: remote solutions


For quite some time now, we have been observing the need to be able to provide both our employees and our customers with a remote solution that allows us to maintain fluid communication at all times.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, this need has become even more pronounced, but thanks to the fact that we were already providing solutions beforehand, we have been able to react quickly.

There is a strong trend towards the consolidation of remote work as a work model, with almost 30% of organizations expecting more than half of their employees to continue working remotely on a full-time basis after the pandemic.

The digital transformation of companies is an opportunity to renew employee relations as well. Investing in IT solutions that facilitate the work of employees is a sure bet to get them excited again and attract new talent.

We have opted for the automation of business processes, replacing manual operations, to allow online and mobile access from any device through convenient app-like access and the standardization of the use of collaboration tools in all areas, both in production tasks and in the relationship between the worker and the company.

These environments, whether teleworking or not, are fully adapted to the professional and personal demands of today’s employees.

On the other hand, they respond to a collaborative work approach incompatible with the existence of silos inside and outside the different departments.

For all these reasons, CAD & BIM SERVICES has decided to invest heavily in this type of technology, acquiring a VPN network consisting of a local private network without the IT resources linked to it being physically connected to each other, but through the Internet.

In this way, it can be accessed using any fixed or mobile device no matter where you are in the world.

When you connect to the system you need, that connection is made through a VPN server, not directly through the Internet; it is the VPN server that acts as an intermediary for the connection.

We complete the investment with the acquisition of firewalls to stop possible cyber-attacks, which are becoming more and more common.

These solutions decrypt the content of the communication and perform an application layer inspection of the commands and data between the HTTP communication, then re-encrypt it and forward it to the gateway to prevent code that would otherwise remain hidden in the encrypted tunnel.

At CAD & BIM SERVICES we believe it is essential to adapt to the needs of both employees and clients, to facilitate their tasks and improve our workflows.