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General Information on the Website Owner

By accessing the CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. website at the domain (the “Site”), and/or any of the pages that can be accessed therefrom, you (“You” or “User/s”) expressly acknowledge that You have read, understand and accept the “Privacy Policy and “Legal Notice” of this Site. If You do not agree with the terms and conditions of the “Privacy Policy” and “Legal Notice” please refrain from using this Site
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CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. makes available to Site Users free of charge, information on the products and services offered by its companies, although it does not offer the possibility of purchasing the products or engaging the services offered. The information provided on the Site is approximate and intended purely as a guide and shall in no way bind CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. in contracts entered into in the future. The final price of the product or services at CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. establishments may vary due to various factors such as changes made to prices by distributors, fluctuations in official exchange rates, modification of the final characteristics of the product or service, etc.
Consequently, You may not hold CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. liable for any damage or loss resulting from decisions reached that are based on information supplied on this Site, even where such information is partial or contains errors.


Intellectual Property

CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. provides Users of the Site with information free of charge on the products and services offered by its companies. All designs, brands, names, images, logos, graphics, icons, applications and any other site content are the property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. In no case does access to the Website imply the transfer of these rights to users.
Under no circumstances does access to the Site imply the transfer of such rights by CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. to Users.
You may make private use of the Site and its content. Under no circumstances may You make any commercial use of such content, alter it in any way, or reproduce it above and beyond said private use, or distribute or disclose it publicly. Unauthorized copying or use of the design or content which differs from that expressly permitted by CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U., as holder of the intellectual property rights, will affect the rights of such owner. Use of the Site contents for purposes other than or in a manner different to that permitted by CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. in this “Legal Notice” is strictly prohibited. The contents, texts, photographs, logos designs, images, sound and in general any intellectual creation on the Site, as well as the Site itself overall as a multimedia artistic work are protected by copyright. Should You wish to use the trademarks, trade names, logos or other distinctive signs available on the Site held by CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U., please request the necessary authorization by contacting the website through the contact details indicated in this Legal Notice .
You undertake to respect the abovementioned rights and to avoid any action that might infringe them. In this regard, CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. expressly reserves the right to bring any civil or criminal action to protect its lawful intellectual property rights.


Access to the Site

Access to the Site is free and free of charge. Nevertheless, signing up for some of the services offered on the Site may, now or in the future, require payment of a sum of money, which shall be clearly indicated. Access to certain services is conditional upon Users registering with CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. databases. In such cases, You agree to safeguard access codes (username and password), since they are exclusively for your own personal use, and responsibility for their correct use and safekeeping lies entirely with You.
Users who freely and voluntarily register as such or provide CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. with their personal data using the procedures made available on the Website, expressly authorize CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. to make use of such data to send You commercial communications about its products or services while You are registered as a User. Such data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Site’s “Privacy Policy”, and legislation in force at any given time on personal data and information society services. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification and cancellation of your personal data at any time through the procedure established for this purpose in the “Privacy Policy”
All the information that You provide to the CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. must be true. You guarantee the accuracy of all the data you provide on the forms used to register as a customer. Likewise, You are responsible for keeping all the information You provide to CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. permanently updated so that it corresponds at all times, to the real situation. In all cases, You shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements You make and any damage caused to CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. or third parties as a result of the information provided.



The Site may contain hyperlinks to other websites which are not edited, controlled, maintained or supervised by CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. and CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. is therefore not responsible for the content of such websites. Said content is the responsibility of the respective website owners and CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. neither vouches for nor endorses such content. The purpose of the links contained on this Site is solely to inform You of the existence of other online sources of information on the material in question where You can obtain more information in addition to that provided on the Site. CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. shall not be liable for the results obtained by clicking on those hyperlinks.
Users who wish to set up hyperlinks on the Site should refrain making any false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about the Site or its contents. Under no circumstances shall it be stated or understood that CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. has authorized the hyperlink, or that it supervises, endorses or is in any way responsible for the contents or services offered or made available on websites containing a link to the Site. The existence of a hyperlink does not imply the existence of a relationship between CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. and the owner of the website containing said hyperlink. No hyperlinks shall be set up on websites containing illegal or immoral information, or which is contrary to good manners, public policy, accepted Internet uses, or which in any way infringes third-parties’ rights. Hyperlinks that are set up from other websites to the Site, which respect the abovementioned criteria, shall provide access to the Website but shall in no way reproduce the content thereof.


Updates and Exemption from Liability

CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. does not guarantee that the content of the Site will always be fully up-to-date, accurate and/or available at all times, although it will do everything in its power to ensure that this is the case. Although CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. seeks to offer You a continuous service, it may be interrupted under certain circumstances. In such cases, CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. will try to warn users beforehand, if possible, but shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damage caused to users as a result of interruptions to access to the Site.
In no event will CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U.  be liable for any loss of data, information or files as a result of the failure to supply any of its services and does not accept liability for any damage or loss resulting therefrom. Users accept that they are using the service at their own risk and that CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. is not responsible for any damage or loss due to the lack of availability or continuity of the service, access failures, the Site’s suitability for a particular purpose, meeting Users’ needs, or for the Site’s reliability.


Legislation and Applicable Jurisdiction

The Site’s “Privacy Policy” and this “Legal Notice”, as well as the rest of the content, have been drawn up in strict compliance with applicable legislation, in particular Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999 (the “LOPD”), Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, 2006 approving the implementing regulations of the LOPD (“Implementing Regulations 1720/2007”) and Information Society Service and E-Commerce Law 34/2002, of July 11, 2002 (“LSSI”), and may be revised and modified at any time in order to be brought into line with any changes to legislation in force. In such cases, the new content shall be applicable as soon as it is published and is accessible on the Site
Use of the Website, including access to and navigation by You, is free and free of change and involves compliance with the Site’s “Privacy Policy” and “Legal Notice” and applicable Spanish legislation.
Any disputes or conflicts that may arise as a result of the use of the Site shall be resolved in accordance with Spanish legislation in Spain and shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals at the User’s domicile, if the User is in Spain, or the Courts of Burgos if the User is outside Spain. Users expressly wave any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled.


Privacy Policy

General Information

CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U., adressed in Calle Emilio Muñoz nº 7, 2ª Planta, 28.037 Madrid (ESPAÑA), with employer identification number (CIF) B-86547676 (hereinafter, “THE COMPANY”) is the owner of this Site (
The Privacy Policy set out below is only applicable to this Site, understood as all the pages and subpages included in the domain “THE COMPANY” is not responsible for any different privacy and data protection policies in place on any websites which may be access through hyperlinks on this Site, that are not managed directly by our webmaster.
THE COMPANY informs You that this document reflects the policy followed by THE COMPANY. This policy has been designed in strict compliance with personal data protection legislation, that is, among others, Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999 (the “LOPD”), Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, 2006 approving the implementing regulations of the LOPD (“Implementing Regulations 1720/2007”).


Collection of Personal Data

THE COMPANY does not compile personal data of Site Users without their consent. Users may browse the Site anonymously should they so choose.
THE COMPANY will only possess personal data of Users who voluntarily provide said data through the Site, using the means established for this purpose (registration questionnaires, e-mails to THE COMPANY, etc.). Only if Users so wish and always voluntarily, will their personal data be disclosed to THE COMPANY.
Data provided voluntarily by You in this manner, may be included in an automated filing system, registered under the ownership of THE COMPANY. Consequently, Users who provide THE COMPANY with their personal data expressly accept the processing of said data, in order to enable THE COMPANY to provide its business services.


Security Measures

The personal data You provide to THE COMPANY, may be stored in databases owned exclusively by THE COMPANY. THE COMPANY shall be responsible for all technical, organizational and security measures to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and quality of the information stored therein, in accordance with the LOPD and Implementing Regulations 1720/2007.
Communications between Users and THE COMPANY do not use a secure channel and the data transferred is not encrypted. Consequently, You are asked not to send personal data that may be considered especially protected data under article 7 of the LOPD (personal data revealing ideology, union membership, religion, beliefs, racial or ethnic origin, sex life or health), since security measures applicable to a non-secure channel make this inadvisable. Consequently, any data such as this that You send will be eliminated immediately without being processed.


Purpose of the Data Processing

Personal data provided voluntarily by Users will only be used for the specific purpose indicated on the questionnaire provided to obtain such data and will always be used for the lawful purposes related to THE COMPANY’s business activity. The data will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be used for the purposes for which it was obtained, of which You were expressly informed at the time it was collected.
Users who voluntarily provide their data to THE COMPANY via the Site expressly agree that said personal data may be used to send them commercial information on new features, products and services of THE COMPANY, in strict compliance with current legislation in force on commercial communications in information society services.


Disclosure of Data

Users who voluntarily provide their data to THE COMPANY via the Site, expressly consent to the disclosure of such data between THE COMPANY and related legal entities, whose particulars are provided on Site’s Legal Notice. Such disclosure will always comply with data protection legislation, in particular regarding the purpose of the disclosure, which shall to be comply with purposes that are directly related to the activities for which the data were collected .
The data collected shall always be processed in accordance with the legal provisions in force on personal data protection.
It is possible that third parties may have access to automated filing systems owned by THE COMPANY containing personal data, in the course of providing hosting services and maintenance services of the Site and THE COMPANY’s IT systems. However such access shall comply with article 12 of the LOPD, in relation to data access on behalf of third parties.


Quality of Data: Rights of access, Objection, Reftification and Cancellation

THE COMPANY undertakes to permanently update all personal data provided voluntarily by You, so that your identity and personal details are accurate. Therefore You may at any time exercise the right to access, rectify and, if necessary cancel the personal data supplied to THE COMPANY, by writing to THE COMPANY at the following address


Cookies Policy

General Information

This Site uses cookies to collect information about the use of THE COMPANY’s Site.
This Cookies Policy seeks to provide clear and precise information about the cookies used on our Site. For more information on rules of use of the Site and the personal data processing conducted, please visit the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.



Cookies are files that websites store on users’ computers to collect information about how they use the site, in order to improve the browsing experience, set up aspects such as site language, region, performance analysis, advertising, etc.
Types of cookies:
  • Session cookies: These are designed to compile and store data while a user accesses a website and are deleted from the user’s device.


Persistent cookies: This type of cookie is saved on the device and can be accessed and processed for a specific period by the controller of the cookie; this period ranges from a few minutes to a few years.
Cookies can also be:
  • First party cookies: cookies set by the website you are visiting.
  • Third party cookies: cookies received when browsing a site, which have been set by a third party hosted on the site.
Finally, depending on their purpose, it is possible to differentiate between the following types of cookies:
  • For technical purposes: These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website. They are also known as “strictly necessary” cookies. They control traffic from a server to multiple users, identify users, and allow them to access the system, etc.
  • Customization: These cookies allow users to set up aspects such as the language in which they wish to view the site or set the region.
  • Performance: These cookies enable the number of visits and browsing criteria of the different areas of the site to be tracked anonymously.
  • Advertising: These cookies enable effective settings to be included in the advertising offered on the website.
  • Behavioral advertising: These cookies enable effective settings to be included in the advertising offered on website, based on browsing behavior.


Types of Cookies that are Used on the Site

The Site uses some of the following cookies:
  • Third party cookies
    1. _ga, _gat. Technical Cookie from third party (Google), used to distinguish users. Persistent Cookie, expires in 2 years.
    2. __stid, __stdstillery, __uset. Technical Cookie from third party (ShareThis), used to share links in social networks.
      1. __stid. Persistent Cookie, expires in 1 year.
      2. __stdstillery,__uset. Persistent Cookie, expires in 1 day.
  • First party cookies
  1. cookie-agreed. Cookie that allows to know if the user has accepted the Cookies Policy. Persistent Cookie, expires in 3 months.
  2. Cookies generated by the Content Management Server
    • Session Cookie that allows to know if the client has javascript enabled.
    • Session Cookie which returns the size of the images for each device.
  3. Specific Cookies for the Suppliers Portal
    • Session Cookie that stores the user profile information in the Suppliers Portal during navigation. Persistent Cookie during the session.
    • Session Cookie generated by the web server that generates a unique ID for each session. Persistent Cookie during the user session with the server.
More information about Google Cookies



As indicated in the pop-up window of your browser the first time you access the Site, by using this Site you consent to the installation and use of the above cookies , for the period of time indicated and under the conditions contained in this cookies policy. However, you may withdraw your consent to the installation of cookies at any time. To do so, you must eliminate the cookies stored on your device (computer or mobile phone) by making the appropriate adjustments to your browser.


Disabling and Blocking Cookies

We inform you that since cookies are not necessary for the use of our Site, You may block or disable them by setting your browser to reject all or some of them. Most browsers allow you to set your device so that that you know when new cookies have been sent to your device, or reject them by default. If you reject them you can continue to use our Site, but please be aware that some services may be limited and therefore your experience will be less satisfactory.


Change to the Cookies Policy

We recommend that you visit this Cookies Policy each time you access the Site. The contents may vary in the future to bring them into line with legal requirements or the cookies we are using at any given time. In any event, we will let you know when we change our Cookies Policy substantially so that you can keep up to date at all times with the current version.
Any question or dubt about this items shall be submitted to CAD, BIM AND SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L.U. (