News Revit 2016

 News Revit 2016

As was the case in version 2015, Autodesk this year brings a new version-revision. Do not confuse with the service packs, the R2 versions are versions “Review” unlike incorporating new service packs that usually only brings bug fixes …

This new version brings interesting news:

Global parameters, for those who like parametric modeling global parameters will be a breakthrough will allow us the use of some new parameters that are to power from many places, for example when making a wall we can say that its length is a global parameter. If we are doing a modular project we will come great …


Preview in the Family Editor, awaited as necessary. When performing families of some complexity where we have different configurations visibility is very useful to see how the family will work without having to load the family into a “sandbox” … project This innovation will save us a looong time test.

vista preliminar

Copy and paste into perspective, another novelty most demanded by users. When working in 3D perspective against the isometric lose many of the editing tools. In this new version brings the Autodesk copied and pasted into perspective … Every day we have more tools in the perspective view so the work and editing in this kind of view every day is more efficient!


A part of these developments outlined have included many more … if you have a subscription version not delay update.