Market Trends in BIM Projects

At CBS we have recently detected that the demand for BIM in projects is changing.

What before were mainly requests for modeling of building projects (houses, offices, shopping centers, etc.) based on CAD plans are giving way to other types of projects.

Right now, BIM requirements are increasingly common in Public Tender Documents that value, for example, their use during the project or the generation of deliverables at the end of it, although sometimes the requested scope is not always well defined, leaving it in many cases to the free interpretation and proposal by the bidder.

Increasingly frequent are requests for BIM support during the construction phase, the generation of As-Built models for later use in the Operation and Maintenance phase or the survey and modeling of projects based on point clouds from 3D laser scanners. On the other hand, the use of BIM in projects of linear works, tunnels, bridges, urbanization projects, airports, water treatment or purification plants and desalination plants, is becoming increasingly widespread. In addition, the level of detail required has been increasing as the different BIM software has improved its capabilities. Manufacturers have also joined this trend and often demand the generation of libraries of parametric elements to facilitate their use in projects with this methodology.

Currently, the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has caused many companies to continue their activity through teleworking, which has driven the use of platforms that allow access and work with BIM models in the cloud, which are increasingly used in collaborative projects.

CBS currently collaborates on BIM projects of all types and examples presented in this post.

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