Advance Steel Detailing

Not many programs that exist in the market and will focus on two Tekla Structures and Autodesk Advance Steel.

In recent years that has dominated the software market structures in Spain it has been Tekla. Currently and with the acquisition of Advance Steel by Autodesk, things are changing.

Advance Steel was a German product called HyperSteel which was acquired by Graitec, works under Autocad and since 2012 has undergone significant improvements so that now performs the same tasks as Tekla and in some cases offers greater advantages happened to list.

We can point out as very important the appearance of the new extension that allows users to export Revit, BIM import and synchronize their data models with Advance Steel.

Advance Steel since the acquisition by Autodesk leaves open API for users to create new routines to solve some jobs, it is critical for much professional and in many cases represents a substantial saving of time. Asidek brings expertise and capacity in this field being able to make script to suit customer needs.

About learning and Tekla Advance Steel is not as easy as it is said in many forums and publications, all takes time.


If it is true that Advance Steel has a number of advantages to going under the platform of Autocad. this makes most draftsmen are very familiar with the environment and learning faster.

Advance Steel as Tekla generate all planes documents, lists, files for CNC machining machines offer the user a large library of structural elements and design functions project, such as:

  • Generic components of all kinds trusses, beams of variable section, porches, braced, etc.
  • Profiles for the various standards of different countries.
  • Ons for the development (of railings, stairs, etc. including unions)
  • Complex folded or profiled plates
  • Ability to represent and notched recesses for various types of welding, all kinds of screws with their corresponding qualities, etc...

Other fundamental aspect is technical assistance. Asidek (CT Group) reached a recent agreement, currently being the only distributors Autodesk sells Advance Steel. Asidek, it has technicians in software implementation, training, participation in customer projects, consulting and configuration solutions with Advance Steel.

Finally wanted to point out another advantage of Advance Steel, well below the Tekla acquisition and the annual cost for maintenance license is substantially cheaper.