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This methodology of information modeling facilitates the creation and modification of collaborative projects, which ensures the quality of our work in the various stages of a building. In the following article we explain the building information modeling and what are its advantages.

The management of any architectural project requires models that ensure the efficiency in the processes and the final delivery of a quality product. Among them is the Building Information Modeling (BIM), which is the process of generating and managing data of a building throughout its life cycle.

For this purpose dynamic modeling software is used that adds different dimensions to a project, covering the geometry of the building, spatial relations, geometric information, along with the quantities and properties of its components, among other elements.

To support these processes, an intelligent database is also used, which is updated with each progress that occurs in the project, showing information in real time and allowing us to visualize the changes in different areas simultaneously. The management of these modifications aims to increase the efficiency and sustainability of a building throughout its life cycle.

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