Tecniberia conference: talent challenges in the infrastructure, civil, industrial and energy sectors

CBS attended this day, where it became clear that the activity of hiring “super specialists” – senior engineers and managers with great specialization – by engineering consultants has increased in recent years.

This positive trend has created a new challenge for organizations: Where to find and how to retain these professionals in a market where specialized talent begins not to meet demand?

There was talk of establishing an adequate remuneration and incentive policy, carrying out strategies to attract the “passive candidate”, and selecting professionals with transferable skills are some of the methods to be adopted to meet current and future talent needs.

CBS undoubtedly has a special interest in hiring the best specialists of both Engineers, Modelers and Draftsmen, to give the best Technical Assistance service to our Clients, where their trust and recurrence is the greatest example of a job well done, Our human capital is our greatest value.