We grow and adapt our workforce

Due to the strong growth we have been experiencing, we have decided to adapt our staff to the needs demanded by the market.

In CAD & BIM SERVICES we have included the position of “Controller”, which covers responsibilities that were formerly shared between the former economic and financial departments and the general management.

Its main responsibility is to carry out the financial planning of the company in order to meet the business objectives.

His position in the company is linked to control and supervision, acting as a bridge between management and accounting.

Since his incorporation, he has allowed us to greatly improve the analysis and processing of financial information in real time thanks to modern accounting and invoicing systems, so that any action that occurs within the company has a financial reflection.

We have also expanded our HR staff with the hiring of several Recruitment Technicians who help us to carry out these processes in a more fluid way.

With this we have been able to improve our attention to candidates and clients and analyze the job positions to determine the professional profiles in a more accurate way.

At CBS we firmly believe that the modernization and professionalization of our staff greatly benefits the quality of the services we offer to our clients.

In short, at CBS we believe that with better professional teams, the results will be much more productive.

We also believe that this will benefit our clients, providing increasingly efficient and professional solutions.

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