CBS invests in its new CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

One of our business objectives is to take care of our customers

From CAD & BIM SERVICES we have been focusing on dealing with our customers as a priority in our business strategy, that’s why we launch new CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

This management solution is aimed at three basic areas: commercial management, marketing and customer service.

All actions have the ultimate goal of improving customer service and relationships with potential customers.

Below we list a series of benefits that, we hope, our CRM will contribute in the future management of customer relations:

  • * Facilitate decision making:

The CRM provides relevant information to the managers of the company to forecast the volume of sales and measure customer service.

It also allows to monitor the performance of the business, offering a global view of the sales process and all the departments involved.

  • * Access to information in real time:

CRM systems allow employees to have instant access to customer data and centralized information:

log of email and calls from potential customers, information about prices, contracts, etc., from any place and any device.

  • * Optimize the sales process:

Companies can use CRM to make their sales cycles shorter and improve conversion rates.

In the same way you will have continuous communication with your customers, to create workflows and automate the sales processes.

  • * More efficient customer service:

CRM technology allows employees to assign, manage and solve incidents quickly.

Access to centralized data can increase levels of customer satisfaction and experience.

  • * Direct marketing strategies.

In summary, CRM technologies offer a global view of the sales process.

They will help attract more customers and increase billing.

It will streamline sales work, providing fluid communication between departments within the company and towards customers.