Specialists in BIM solutions

If we combine our extensive experience in this area with technicians accustomed to BIM Management processes and experts in the use of tools, the result is BIM2.

Specialists in BIM solutions.

By making the best combination of software available to each project, we were able to greatly improve workflows and optimize the resources dedicated at all times.

More than 30 professionals on staff (engineers, architects, modelers), more than 10 years of experience in the sector and more than 500 projects distributed in 35 countries place us as benchmarks in the market to face any type of project with the necessary solvency.

We have professional experts in the use of large amounts of software and technicians from all sectors related to AEC: BIM (structural, MEP and architectural), Engineering, Project Management, Facility Management, Design, etc., which can help you with your project They are the secret of our success.

We can offer you flexible services of hiring and outsourcing, adapting your personnel needs to the work tips of your project.

Or help you with your selection processes, so that you only have to worry about your business.

Recurrent customers such as AECOM, ACCIONA, IDOM, ARUP, FCC, INECO, SENER, FERROVIAL, OHL, TYPSA, CARLOS FERNANDEZ CASADO, LEONHARDT and PARTNERS, ARENAS and ASOCIADOS, INTECSA-INARSA and others, can guarantee our solvency and professionalism.

BIM services:

        • • BIM services: Structural, MEP and architectural modeling for Civil, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Building, etc …
        • • Flexible services Outsourcing of personnel transfer.
        • • Consulting, implementation, customized developments. Training.
        • • BIM Project ManagementMultidisciplinary coordination.
        • • Lifting of existing projects. As-Builts, rehabilitations.
        • • 3D infographics, renderings and videos. VR
        • • 4D / 5D planningSimulations, animations, construction processes, on-site logistics.
        • • Extraction of plans, measurements and all kinds of reports about your project.

BIM specialists where and when you need them…