Launch of our INTRANET

In DELINEACION DE ESTRUCTURAS – CAD & BIM SERVICES Group we have made the launch of our INTRANET for all our staff

After a development made during last months, and the contribution of our team with ideas, suggestions, functionalities, processes, etc., we already have our platform ready.

The objective of this space is to promote internal communication between all the areas and departments that make up our Group, thus offering all the information that we consider to be of common interest to all of us who are part of it.

After analyzing both the needs of the company and those of our employees, this past July we have officially launched our new INTRANET portal, a tool that has been conceived, among others, for the following purposes:

To find all the information of the business group centralized and updated, information about its internal functioning and the mission, vision and objectives that guide it as well as the most relevant news and developments.

* Access to third party applications, such as work reports, e-mail, contact directory, labor documentation, etc.

* Updated contact directory of all our workers.

Information about all the social networks of the company group, access to the suggestion box, area of professional recommendations and list of events in which our group participates.

From the Group, we consider that this tool will unify and improve largely the internal communication at the same time that it will facilitate all the negotiations not only for the workers, but also for our managerial staff.

Thanks to the proactivity of our employees and the firm commitment of the CEOs to this tool, we are already reaping the fruits of its implementation and adapting its

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